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Mar 27, 2023 | 3 min read


A plethora of fiction movies in the past gave us a glimpse of a dystopian world where robots powered by Artificial Intelligence began to think and act like humans. Today, we are quite close to that concept! ChatGPT is one hell of an example of Artificial Intelligence that can think and talk using its own mind!

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Based on Generative AI, ChatGPT can create new content based on existing content like text, audio, video, or image files. This amazing tool has amassed over a million users in just 5 days. ChatGPT is a computer program that can talk and write text like a human being. It was created by a company called OpenAI in 2018. They made a special tool called the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT) to make ChatGPT work. GPT is a type of artificial intelligence that helps ChatGPT understand and speak in a way that sounds like a human.

The current buzz is that this smart chatbot might kill content writers, coders, scriptwriters, translators, and even Google soon! ChatGPT, when prompted aptly, can generate any kind of information. It can create ripples in the Digital Marketing industry as well. This article will elaborate on how to use ChatGPT in digital marketing, thereby saving thousands of bucks on labor and time.

How does ChatGPT function?

ChatGPT is your Google friend who has its own brain that can think, function, and generate information like a human brain. This language model technology can amass huge volumes of data from books, articles, the internet, blogs, and websites.

GPT – generative pre-training transformer, as the name suggests, is an advanced chatbot that has been trained on large volumes of text data and the GPT-3 algorithm to generate the information as per the prompt.

It can be used for writing codes, articles, stories, poems, emails, marketing copies, and essays. It can generate ideas and answer multiple-choice questions. It can analyze sentiment and tone based on words, phrases, and punctuation. It can explain complicated topics in easier terms. ChatGPT can recommend movies, services, and restaurants. It can translate text in over 95 languages, find job vacancies, and so on. The list is ever-growing. In this article, however, we shall only cover its uses in digital marketing.

How is ChatGPT useful in Digital Marketing?

ChatGPT has proven to be quite useful in digital marketing. It can complete a lot of tasks in minutes, barring you from spending thousands of dollars on analysts, content writers, SEO teams, and so on. If you are a small startup and would wish to reduce your overheads, then ChatGPT can prove to be an excellent app to partner with. Here is how you can make full use of its potential:

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  • Generate Ideas for Creative Copy or Content for your Marketing Collaterals

Emails, articles, blogs, web content, product descriptions, captions, ad copy, etc., are essential components of digital marketing. As a content writer, if you ever feel short of ideas for content generation, you can use ChatGPT for content ideation. This AI tool can give you pointers that you can use to write your own content in a unique way. It can generate new content, modify existing content, and even make it SEO-friendly to rank better on search engines. For usage in marketing materials, the chatbot can offer headings, opening statements, and even whole paragraphs. Users need to think about how they use the technology.

  • Customer Engagement

ChatGPT can be configured to give customer service, suggest products, and respond to frequently asked questions on social networking networks, thereby increasing customer engagement.

  • Content Ideation

Experiencing a Writer’s Block? Well, do not worry, as ChatGPT will help you generate ideas within seconds. You can prompt ChatGPT to get some ideas for your blogs, new video content, eBooks or how-to tutorials. You can even ask the chatbot to post some existing ideas on the same topic or use it to simplify a complex topic, which you can later explain in your own words to your readers.

  • Generate Customer Surveys

Generating a customer survey to better align with your target audience can be really tough. Sometimes, you cannot come up with feedback questions you can ask your audience. In that case, ChatGPT can come to your rescue by generating a list of existing customer surveys. You can use those questions as per your requirements or tweak them a little to suit your preferences.

  • Learn Some Useful Shortcuts and Formulas

ChatGPT can teach you some useful shortcuts that you can use for your data processing and analytics. For example, there are several shortcuts and formulas to be used in MS Excel to speed up your data calculation. Ask ChatGPT to explain some useful formulas.

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  • Enhance Digital Marketing Campaigns

The platform aids in creating a digital marketing plan that is customized to specific objectives and target markets. ChatGPT can make suggestions for campaign themes, channels, and techniques by examining consumer data, market trends, and industry best practices. Based on the target demographic, campaign goals, and budget, it can recommend the best channels for a specific campaign. Social media sites, email marketing, search engine marketing, and other digital marketing channels are examples of channels.

Performance analytics assist organizations in tracking and evaluating the effectiveness of their digital marketing activities by revealing what works and what doesn't. To improve results, the campaign plan and tactics can be modified in real-time using this information. Companies may develop stronger marketing campaigns, interact with their target audience, and reach more customers when marketers take advantage of ChatGPT's capabilities. This being said, use the results generated only for an idea and not as your final answer (more on this later).

  • Get Web Content Ideas or Chatbot Ideas

When designing your unique website, you can prompt ChatGPT to showcase web content of some similar websites, which you can use as inspiration. It can also be used to get some chatbot greetings such as, ‘Hello, would you like to know more about our pricing options?’

Limitations of ChatGPT in Digital Marketing

However, when it comes to using this chatbot for better content generation, there are certain limitations. It is, after all, an AI-powered tool that can think and work almost like a human brain – but cannot match our capacity to the fullest! Scientists are continuously working on AI and possibly, in the near future, they can create something that can replicate a human brain in its entirety.

  • Do not depend on the marketing strategies pulled out by ChatGPT for your brand

ChatGPT relies on existing data on the internet. Your brand’s marketing requirements may be unique, something that you best understand. Only you can curate the best marketing strategies for your brand depending on the budget, resources, and requirements.

  • Do not rely on its keyword research

Keywords are an important part of SEO that can help you win the ranking game when done properly. It is, therefore, important to use the latest keywords. The trend keeps changing and so do customer behavior and preferences. Asking ChatGPT to generate keyword research will land you at a loss as it has limited data. It only uses existing data on the internet. For better keyword research, you need to perform a competitor analysis yourself and find out the keyword gaps and use them.

  • Don’t use ChatGPT for Reporting and Analytics

This chatbot can analyze data but in a very limited way. The best way to identify the current trends, patterns, and insights in your data is by performing a consistent reporting routine yourself as your own KPIs and goals will be very unique. Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, etc are far better tools when it comes to reporting and analytics.

  • Don’t use ChatGPT for Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is done to examine the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, find the keyword gaps, and to ascertain the threats of a competitor with respect to your success. ChatGPT’s data is not the latest as it is generated by accumulating reports from existing data on the internet. You need to perform the analysis yourself using some real-time apps and platforms.

  • Data entered on this AI tool is not private

Data entered into an AI application joins the collective of data once it has been processed. You no longer own that information. That information can be used by the AI's designer to enhance services. Additionally, your data may be shared with the collaborators on the AI for a variety of purposes. Simply said, your personal information that was entered is probably no longer private. When using this technology, users must think carefully.

Final Thoughts

The best use of ChatGPT in digital marketing is done for generating content. Keep in mind that ChatGPT is still in its infancy and has more than its fair share of downsides, restrictions, and risks while being a source of knowledge with an entertaining interface. Along with privacy, information accuracy is a major pain point. All things considered, it's best to stick to content and copy duties, and even then, the result should only be regarded as a guide.