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Be Amazing Online | Jan 14, 2020 | 3 min read

Importance Of Blogs!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Ever heard of stories where the protagonist is usually the most popular one among the other supporting characters and is therefore termed as ‘hero’ of the story? Yes, of course, you have! Blogging is that protagonist (read ‘hero’) of the digital marketing story. More than a decade has passed and yet no content has been able to replace blogging. That’s how powerful our hero is.

As per Tech Client’s Blogging Statistics,

77 % of internet users read blogs -
This promises a huge audience base for all kind of blogs. For any business, this amount of reach can prove to be a game-changer.

126 % more leads generated with blogs by small businesses –
Now that’s a pretty big number that a business of any scale cannot afford to ignore.

70 % of consumers learn about a company through articles -
Advertisements and other marketing ideas are fine but consumer trends are something that a company must be aware of, especially for small businesses.

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For a business to grow and create a strong and loyal customer base, it has to be impactful. This impact can best be created by providing an insight into what the company stands for, its products, services, and specializations.

But, how are blogs being able to attract the audience and provide that insight?

Drives Traffic with Improved Google Rankings

Blogs help a brand to increase its SEO and stay ahead of the competitors in Google (and other search engines) search result page. Freshly curated content and frequent blog posts are still the most relevant methods of creating a buzz in the market and attract customers. The topics for a blog and the keywords used in it play a huge role in driving your target audience to your website.

Flexible and easy to build Customer Relationship

Blogs are an effective way to address your audience and cater to their curiosities and queries that are relevant to your business. It can be customized as per your marketing strategy and can easily be fit into any target that your business is willing to achieve. This is also a medium where your customers get to know more about your business and this helps to develop a connection and bond between your customer and your brand.

Informative Content

There are many ways to cater content to your audience and grab their attention. But most of them are served as quick bites that do not help when a customer is willing to dig deeper and gain valuable insights into a business or other related topics. Blogs are curated specifically for those customers who are seriously looking for some informative content. You can also include internal links into your blog to drive customers to other related blogs and content. This also helps to increase traffic on your website and chances of generating leads become much higher.

Blogging has always been the hidden recipe for a company’s success in recent times. But there are multiple factors that one needs to consider to achieve the marketing goals with blogging. Not all content can help a company grow digitally. It has to be precisely curated with both quality and frequency of posting blogs. Now if you ask which one of these two should be the priority, the answer is undoubtedly quality. The frequency of posting blogs can be compromised at times for providing quality content but the quality should never be compromised for the frequency of posts. Only a perfect balance of these two can ensure a brand’s growing online presence and therefore, increase the chances of gaining more customers.