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Aug 26, 2020 | 4 min read

Importance Of Content Marketing!

There are different ways to market a business, but which among those is the most effective? It has become important for businesses to be on the cutting edge to remain effective, efficient and relevant. One of the major types of marketing that helps in doing so is ‘Content Marketing’.

Content marketing is a marketing strategy, wherein the business is focused on creation, distribution and publication of online content, such as videos, blogs, and social media posts etc. that is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. Content marketing doesn’t focus on directly promoting the business, rather it generates interest in the minds of the content viewers, keeping them engaged with the business-related things.

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Build Trust with Your Visitors

Great content is a powerful tool in building trust as a business. Consumers gain an understanding of the business, its values as a company, and the brand as they read through the content created by the company. They form opinions and will align with your brand if they like how you are presenting yourself. The trust that is built helps the business establish a positive brand reputation. The more content you create and share with your target audience, the clearer it becomes that you are an authority in your field. People trust experts and hire them to help solve problems.

Build Brand Awareness and Generate Leads

Content marketing can be used to significantly increase traffic to the site so that business can get consistent, quality traffic and inbound links to their site, and expose the audience to a brand they never knew existed. This can generate more awareness and bring new leads for the business through the content developed and use it to demonstrate its skill and expertise again and again. A company needs leads to sell, and content marketing is the way to reach them.

Great for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

When a person opens his/her browser and types a keyword or phrase into Google, the search engine brings them the most relevant information regarding the search query. When a business creates expert content for the sake of sharing useful and valuable information to ideal target buyers, Google recognizes that the content is useful and provides the answer to people searching, therefore it will rank higher in the search results. Search engine algorithms keep changing, but as long as the company consistently creates and keeps the content up to date, informative and relevant, it will rank higher and longer in the search engines.

Attract Ideal Buyers

Even though content marketing involves the distribution of content to everyone in the world, only people who are interested in what the company has to say are the ones viewing it. Only people who are interested in the field of expertise are going to conduct a search that results in them reading a particular blog. Of these readers, only those who are genuinely intrigued by the brand are going to click through to the main page. Of the readers who make it to your landing page. Content marketing helps in filtering out the incompetent leads, the sales team will only be selling to those of the highest quality, meaning less time, energy, and money wasted.

Gives People a Reason to Come Back to the Company

When the company provides people with helpful and informative content they begin to build a relationship. They become a trusted resource and people return to sites that they know and trust.

Build Brand Authority

The content showcases the ability to do what the company can do better than the rest. The target audience gets answers to their questions through this, they just need to know that the company will provide them with the best way to solve their particular problem. Even those who never end up buying will regard the business as the authority in your field based on your content.

Build Backlinks

Create expert content and other websites will want to link to yours in order to share what you have to say. Depending on the linking site, the audience may multiply. The real benefit is that this backlinking is one of the criteria the search engines use to rank sites. If authority sites are linking to the business and more people are visiting the site through those links, the page authority increases.

The varieties of content marketing include:

    Blog posts

    Social media posts

    Email newsletters

    Photos: Instagram


    Videos: YouTube, Instructional, Event Recordings

    Micro-videos: Vine




There will always be tactics that produce quick, short-lived spikes in traffic and leads. There will also always be those methods that may have no business impact at all. People fail to see the importance of content marketing in general, they think that as long as they can produce content they’re fine but with tons of content being published every day, it’s very important that you produce quality, relevant content, and at the same time you can market it to the right audience. The list of reasons to do content marketing for your business goes on and on.