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2022Web Development

Project Challenge

VA is a global organization that provides a platform for Indian artisans from vulnerable backgrounds to showcase their skills and create a better future for themselves.

To make an impression, VA required a powerful online platform to showcase their products to customers all around the world.

But what their current platform, Shopify, couldn't give them was a truly distinctive web presence.

A website that helped them stand out visually while also allowing them to expand their business was needed.

The Research

BAOs research team concluded that VA would benefit from a website that was a simple customized build.

An uncomplicated backend panel that controlled the front end would benefit VA’s marketing strategies while being user friendly.

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Design Approach & Strategy

BAO’s strength lies in understanding the curated needs of the client and providing an integrated approach which best portrays the unique vision and creative ethos of the client with digital marketing.

Creative approach -

  • Created custom designed UI/UX using figma
  • Worked on the complete design process with the backend team for all the product and category pages along with product photography

Tech approach -

  • Integrated online transactions in three different currencies
  • Created a custom backend which was simple in usage to navigate order management and communication with potential customers

The Solution

BAO worked with VA using a holistic-integrated approach focussing on different aspects of the website, seamlessly blending in design with the UI/UX.

The hands-on training provided by the BAO team helped VA in being self-sufficient in operating the backend panel and thus customizing their product requirements.

The BAO team's hands-on instruction enabled VA to use the backend panel independently, allowing them to tailor the specifications of their product.

BAO coded an e-commerce website together with mobile optimisation bringing credible brand visibility through social media platforms.

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