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2022Digital Marketing

Project Challenge

RREACH aims to bring Dr. Ramesh Richard’s unique content on life issues such as spirituality, religion, mental health etc to the fore.

The RR team wanted to utilize social media as a primary medium to reach out to people across the world and encourage them in direct conversations, while at the same time empowering positive life choices. They wanted the content to play a major role in these conversations.

The task was to create a topical “Hero” campaign that would unite all messages of the brand with a common theme, address different needs and target audiences.

The Research

The challenge for BAO was to pinpoint key areas people were experiencing that could be major conversation starters.

This is was the time when the world was going through the aftermath of the pandemic The word “uncertainty” about the future was being repeated at multiple levels and conversations.

The BAO team in conjunction with the RREACH team designed a worldwide “Hero” campaign with the term - Uncertainty.

Image Title
Image Title

Design Approach & Strategy

Key elements -

  • Re-branding
  • Creative Development
  • Target Messaging Creation
  • Ad strategy, execution and management

8 Impactful creatives for the campaign.

Multiple social media creatives for Fb & Insta.

Dedicated Microsite to direct traffic for the campaign, as well engage in conversations and lead captures.

To capture maximum mindshare and engagement, we launched a 360 campaign that leveraged engagements, conversations as well as enabled lead generation along with promotion across the campaign.

As an extension, we spliced the messaging into more specific questions aimed further at improving conversions as well as engagement of the campaign.

The Solution

4.3 Million plus post reactions

800,000+ link clicks

5000+ lead form fills

70000+ conversations in messenger

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