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2022Brand Design &Web development

Project Challenge

For the past 140 years, Alliance University has been at the forefront of developing thousands of change-makers. The University achieves this by offering financial aid to about 97% of students.

AU’s advancement and alumni division had the task of increasing their fundraising for the year and were given a substantial internal target for the overall amount they needed to raise.

To add to the challenge, AU was experiencing a dip in their fundraising and the deficit needed to be balanced.

The Research

BAO upon research observed that

  • Alliance University was not strategically using digital media as a major effort to bolster the funds they needed.
  • A strong digital media strategy that presented a unified brand strategy was absent.
  • Clear and constant communication to existing and potential donors with impact stories and clear call to action was absent from the overall communication.
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Design Approach & Strategy

BAO created a brand design that projected AUs brand voice as youthful, hopeful with plenty of possibilities for new and current students.

Based on our research we created a 360 degree digital media campaign which included

  • Newsletters
  • Social Media posts
  • Social media videos
  • Microsite
  • Brand design for special Events - Homecoming - to bring the alumni together
  • 30 page magazine as a digital and print outreach to share and talk about ‘What Life at an Alliance”

The Solution

BAO was effectively able to harness engagement and conversations through the digital media campaigns.

BAO was able to present clear and consistent communication with clear CTAs to AU target audience.

Dedicated mailers ensured constant communication with the existing alumni and donors.

AU till date has been able to complete 60% of its funding goal till date.

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