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20223D Animation & Branding

Project Challenge

Accuray International wanted to create a customer experience for their exhibition booth at ESTRO 2021.

The experience was to present the Accuray brand across multiple screens and drew booth visitors into an immersive experience.

Image Title
Image Title

The Research

BAO recommended using a multiple screen arrangement as a single canvas.

A custom 3D animation would traverse the canvas ensuing full utilization of screen real estate.

The animaton would showcase the Accuray logo experience through multiple textures

  • Wood
  • Liquid
  • Diamond
  • Metal Voxels
  • LED Lights

The animation projected key brand messaging for customers.

BAO created a storyboard for the animation that clearly outlined the steps for the entire event flow.

The Solution

The multi screen animation was the mainstay at Accurays Estro booth.

The animation played across seamlessly combining multi-screens.

“Thank you for the great and very creative support! Very glad to work with you all!”
- Sancie Nakarat, Senior Director,
Global Marketing and Communications

“Your work for Accuray has been a game changer for us!”
- Philippe Degreze, VP Marketing, EIMEA

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